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URGENT NEWS: The National Security Agency has discovered a critical vulnerability (CVE-2020-0601) affecting Microsoft Windows®1 cryptographic functionality.

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Protecting your accounts is a top priority for Gerber Federal Credit Union. Whether you bank on your mobile device or online, your personal data could be vulnerable to identity theft and other attacks. Using state-of-the-art fraud prevention systems, our dedicated staff constantly monitors your accounts for suspicious activity.

A strong username and password provide extra security for your account.

Here are some tips for creating strong sign-in credentials:

  1. Choose a unique username that you don't use for any other site (and one that can't be guessed easily).
  2. Use a combination of letters (both capital and lower case), numbers and special characters (like "&" or "%") for your password.
  3. Never use personally identifiable information like name, birth date, Social Security Number, or email address.
  4. Never use common dictionary words.

Tips to Avoid ID Theft

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the nation’s consumer protection agency. The FTC works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices in the marketplace.  Scam alerts, Privacy, Identity & Online Security and more...

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Credit & Debit Card Fraud

With Falcon Fraud Protection service, your Gerber FCU credit and debit card transaction activity is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week to better detect fraudulent card use. Our goal is to protect members from the risk associated with fraud and identity theft. Please remember to frequently review your account activity and never hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns. To report fraudulent activity on your Gerber FCU credit or debit card during weekend or evening hours, please call (231) 924-4880 and select option 2 for 24-hour card support.

Online & Mobile Security

Cyber security attacks can take many forms and utilize all web-capable devices to access and compromise your personal data. Arm yourself against the threat and immediately report questionable activity.

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Report Fraud to the FTC

Complaints from consumers help us detect patterns of fraud and abuse. The FTC would like to know about your complaint and the Complaint Assistant will help guide you.

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Identity Theft Protection Service, Powered by ID Protect™

Personal protection and peace of mind. Includes detection and monitoring, credit report and score, recovery and resolution.

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Credit Monitoring

Spot identity theft early. Review your credit reports.  Suspicious activity or accounts you don't recognize can be signs of identity theft. Review your credit reports to catch problems early.

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