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Fee Schedule

Effective February 1, 2022
Account research/reconciliation $20.00 per hour
ATM balance inquiry at foreign ATM (First 2 free each month) $1.00
ATM withdrawal at foreign ATM (First 5 free each month) $1.50
CarFax Report $20.00 each
Cashier's checks $2.00 each
Certified check $2.00 each
Checking account closed for abuse $25.00
Consumer loan late fee 5% of payment w/min. of $25.00
Courtesy pay* $25.00 per item
Credit card late fee $25.00
Cross-border fee on plastic card transactions up to 1%
Draft/check copy less than 1 year old (Free in online banking) $2.00 per copy
Draft/check copy greater than 1 year old (Free in online banking)
$10.00 per copy
First mortgage loans late fee 5% of payment w/min. of $25.00
Foreign Check Processing Fee $10.00
Garnishment, levy, court order and escheats processing $50.00
History printout (Free in online banking) $1.00
Inactive membership 
     Primary share balances less than $250.00 with no activity within the last year.  
     Waived for minors & members taking advantage of certain services.
$3.00 per month
Instant issue of plastic card $5.00 per item
Membership closing (If closed within 90 days of opening) $5.00
Money orders $2.00 each
Non sufficient funds (NSF fee)** $25.00 per item
Non-member written pay off requests (Real Estate secured) $50.00
Non-member written pay off requests (Non Real Estate secured) $25.00
PIN replacement $2.00 per item
Plastic card replacement $5.00 per item
Return deposit/payment item $10.00 per item
Safe Deposit Box Drilling Fee $275.00
Safe Deposit Box Lost Key fee $30.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental - 3x5 $27.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental - 3x10 $40.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental - 5x10 $60.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental - 10x10 $105.00
Security Fee $2.00 per month
Stale Dated Check Handling Fee $25.00 per item
Statement Copy (Free with e-Statements) $2.00 per statement
Stop Payment Order $25.00 per item
Super Checking minimum balance fee for average
daily balances less than $1000.00 for the month
$3.00 per month
Telephone Transfer (Completed by CU Member Service Representative) $2.00
Undeliverable Address $3.00
Visa Gift Card $4.00
Visa Travel Money (Reloadable cards, replaces Traveler's Cheques) $5.00 per card
Wire Transfer $20.00 per wire
Wire Transfer - Foreign $35.00 per wire

*Courtesy Pay Disclosures: This privilege for consumer share draft accounts will be limited to a maximum amount of $500 overdraft (negative) balance. Transaction types that are eligible for courtesy pay include and are limited to: ACH transactions, Drafts and On-Us Checks at the Teller Counter. For ATM and everyday debit card transactions, you must opt-in for courtesy pay to be provided.
**Fee is charged for each presentment or submission. You will be charged an NSF fee when we return or reject transactions against your account that would exceed your available balance. A transaction that you have authorized (such as a check or an ACH debit) may be presented or submitted multiple times and you could be charged multiple NSF fees if we return or reject the transaction multiple