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Your Auto Buying Resource

Your Auto Buying Resource

Your Auto Buying Resource

Exclusive, cutting-edge technology makes car searching a breeze. Our site provides all the information, data and inventory you need in your next car search with the 24/7 convenience you expect.  Access millions of cars in inventory, research and compare vehicles and apply for your loan anytime, anywhere!  Enter your desired vehicle details into the ‘Find Your Car’ widget at the bottom of this page to get started!

True Value Market Pricing

You can now see what others are paying in your area.  It’s a really cool, high-tech feature providing an inside look at how you can negotiate and get the best price based on a vehicle’s true value.
This useful new feature will take a vehicle’s make, model, year and mileage and provide
more accurate information on its worth.*

The Resources Tab: Cars & Tech

Learn about the latest technology found in 2017 models: new safety features, fun options and design elements to consider this shopping season. Discover this and more under the Resources tab called Technology Drives. Learn about the latest safety options, including sensor technology, Around Car Monitoring and options planned for launch by some of the largest car manufacturers. It’s an exciting time for technology as car makers are partnering with leading tech firms to showcase convenience and safety in 2017 models. For those who just want to have fun, there’s great information on new cabin designs, electric cars with zip under the hood, and new navigation features that will have users getting to destinations with touchscreen ease.

Find a Car Tab: Research Pre-Owned

Now is a great time to purchase a reliable, quality pre-owned vehicle. Did you know you can apply for a pre-owned auto loan from your credit union? Great pricing along with low rates make this an excellent choice for members. Start researching on your auto resource to help you find the right pre-owned vehicle and find a wide range of inventory available from dealers in your area. Dealerships will also work with you on extended warranties and other incentives to move inventory off their lots. If you’re looking for savings, enter your search details below and click ‘Find a Car’!

Best-Selling Technology & Vehicle Trends 2017

Here’s a look at car enthusiasts’ picks for trends to watch:  Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications: Cars will start sharing information with one another, such as driving conditions, weather, speed, sudden braking conditions, accidents and more. This technology will eventually come standard in all cars.  Diesel Demand: Yes, you heard it right. Diesel is making a comeback in several new models and will deliver high fuel economy and excellent performance.  Car Care Apps: Your car will now tell you when it needs an oil change and other service reminders through its app. You no longer need to squint and look at the sticker on the windshield.  Gesture Control: With the wave of your hand, poof, the wipers come on. This feature allows you to control certain functions without pressing a button, touching a screen or having to use voice commands.

*Pricing is subject to change, and special deals and incentives by dealerships and manufacturers are applied that affect the price of the vehicle, impacting accuracy. Pricing feature provides an average price consumers in your region have paid for similar vehicles.