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Winning 2020 Scholarship Essay!

Winning 2020 Scholarship Essay!

My Future Plans And Goals
By Brevin Byrne

This upcoming fall I plan on attending Hope College, during my four years in Holland I expect to receive a major in Business along with a double minor in Math and Psychology. I wish to become a Financial Manager consultant in which I will meet individually with clients to discuss and plan out their financial future. In addition to receiving an education, I am going to participate as the varsity men’s soccer team manager.

I began my plan to pay for college many years ago at a very young age. I developed the skill of saving instantly when I was in first grade. Every year my family and I would travel to Florida for spring break. One year there was a stuffed animal that I wanted so desperately. When I realized that I did not have enough money to purchase it, my heart was crushed. Immediately when I got home I opened up a savings account at Gerber Federal Credit Union from then on I began saving my money in every way possible and as I got older I began saving my money for college instead of stuffed animals.

In seventh grade, I began to get very interested in investing. After I read Dave Ramsey’s book Total Money Makeover, I began to look into ways to make the money that I had saved grow faster without having to work more. In the next few years, I discovered CDs as well as mutual funds and began to be extremely fascinated by them. By using investing strategies effectively I was able to grow my savings without having to give up my favorite extracurricular activities such as golf, soccer, and basketball.

Finally, I worked multiple jobs in order to be able to pay for college. In 2013 I became a certified soccer referee and began officiating local games every spring and fall. This allowed me to play sports as well as work a different job during the summer. The summer after my sophomore year of high school, I received a maintenance job at Northwood Golf Course. I vividly remember bringing my paycheck into Gerber Federal Credit Union every other Friday all summer long. As the summer went on I was able to memorize my account number, the pride that I felt knowing that I would be able to help further my own education was indescribable. Throughout the next couple of years, I worked numerous jobs including the Newaygo County Drain Commission as well as TerraTrike.

Through savings, investments, hard work, as well as scholarships I plan on paying for my four years at Hope College. I have put myself in a situation where I am able to continue my education in order to reach my goals. I know that without the core values I learned as a child I would not be where I am today. If you work hard, love God, and plan ahead you will be able to accomplish whatever goals you have in life.