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700 Books to Local Second Grade Students

700 Books to Local Second Grade Students

FREMONT, Mich. (4/30/19) John Buckley, President/CEO of Gerber Federal Credit Union (Gerber FCU), read the book Money Madness by David A. Adler to second grade students at local schools during the month of April.  This beginning guide to economics has readers thinking about the purpose, and not just the value, of money. It is a clear and thorough introduction to money discussing bartering, early forms of currency, credit cards, and even digital payment. 

Following the book read, Buckley discussed good money management and presented every student, their teacher and their school library with a copy of the book.  Gerber Federal Credit Union donated a total of 700 books to the following school districts: Big Jackson, Fremont, Fremont Christian, Grant, Grant Christian, Hesperia, Holton, Newaygo and White Cloud.

“It is always a pleasure to read to these kids and have them interact with me and the stories, “ said John Buckley.  “It’s so important to start these conversations while children are young and lay a foundation for financial literacy.  Prepare your kids to be Money Smart adults, practice saving with them and start talking about what money is and how it is earned.” 

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John Buckley reads to 2nd graders.